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Android & KODI Box Repairs in Macclesfield & Surrounds


Are you having issues with your Android Box? If our checklist doesn’t help you, we’re available for local repairs.

We can re-image and reinvent your Android box if it has stopped working or just doesn’t do what you expected. Re-imaging to our specification is done on a model by model basis; please contact us with your details for more information.

If you live within the red circle of the map, you fall within our service area. Beyond this area we operate a mail order service with telephone support during installation.

Typically we can give you hourly time slots, so you don’t have to wait in all day for us to call.

Once there, a standard installation takes no more than 30 minutes (standard setup using your wireless connection. Other setup options are available at additional cost).

You can access content straight from the desktop icons for all your live TV channels and media player content. This connection can be wireless or connected via network cable.



Do you have any questions or would you like to order over the phone? Please visit our contact page here.